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Things that are illegal automatically get a bad rap from people who don’t understand it well. In recent years, the views around marijuana have slowly been shifting so that it is not only helping those with medical problems, it has even been legalized in some places like Colorado and Washington in the US. Canada is the first country that has tried to legalize marijuana on the federal level, but they haven’t quite succeeded yet.

1. Smoking Weed Will Make You a Criminal

You have to understand how online weed delivery will not make you a criminal especially when you have the medical card to smoke it. A couple rips off the bong won’t send you straight to a hard life of guiltless crime. In fact, researchers have never been able to prove a clear link between violent crimes and the use of marijuana.

2. Everyone on Your Block Will Learn You’re a Stoner

Contrary to popular belief, mail order marijuana in Canada is highly discreet, and it usually comes in a well-concealed package so that the nosy gossiper on the block will be none the wiser.

3. Online Companies Will Rip you Off

It’s true that you have to exercise a certain level of caution when you buy with online weed delivery, but not every company out there is set up to scam people. You can find a variety of companies that are willing to deliver your medical care, and they will do it in a fashion that leaves you with some quality bud.

These are some of the harmful myths surrounding weed delivery. When you buy marijuana online, you can oftentimes get access to a better selection of choices. Especially in Canada where it gets terribly cold at times, delivery comes with the added convenience of never having to leave your home, and when you have a chronic illness, sometimes you don’t feel like leaving your home, which is another reason to buy online.

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