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Why is Canadian weed the best?

Canadians should consider themselves lucky. Not only are they a country where legalization of marijuana is being supported, but they are also the breeding ground for the best weed in the world!
The weed found in Canada is BC marijuana. If you know a little about cannabis, you’ll understand that BC marijuana, also called Bud, is the best marijuana out there. Here a few reasons why Canada is blessed with this fantastic drug. Toronto also has one of the best weed delivery in Canada.

Canadian weather

BC marijuana requires a specific environment for healthy growth. One of the most critical factors in these environmental conditions is the temperature. In Canada, the West Coast has explicitly a very optimum temperature. British Columbia offers sun, shade, warmth, cold, moisture, fertile land, and everything else marijuana plants would need. The winter cool makes the plants resilient whereas the sunshine during the summer months boosts their growth. It isn’t overly humid, but at the same time, enough rainfall is also experienced.


If you didn’t already know, cannabis plants are not like your usual plants that fertilize and produce seeds so efficiently. Cannabis has separate male and female plants. Each one has genes transferred from their parent plant. If one of the parents is a different kind, the seed won’t produce a pure plant. Instead, hybrid cannabis will grow. To grow BC marijuana, you will need pure seeds that come from parent plants that are both BC marijuana. Luckily, Canada is the place where there have been these species of plants for years. It is easy for cannabis growers to find BC marijuana seeds. Therefore, the growth of BC marijuana is abundant here. There is no lack of high-quality seeds whatsoever.

Production laws

In many parts of the world, marijuana is not accepted as a drug that should be legalized. Hence, its growth isn’t supported either. On the contrary, Canada allows the growth of marijuana everywhere, including open lands. This opportunity has allowed a lot of interested people to grow BC marijuana in vast quantities. With high demand and high sales, the growth rate is also high in British Columbia, Canada. Weed lovers and weed growers have made it possible for BC marijuana to be grown abundantly and sold easily online.

The people

Along with these opportunities, Canada is also blessed with some weed geniuses. These people have a lot of knowledge on which strains work best together, how to maximize growth, what conditions must be provided for certain types of cannabis, etc. These hardworking individuals have put together their extensive knowledge along with years of experience to formulate the best breeding grounds for marijuana. Without all of these combined efforts and natural conditions, BC marijuana would never be so good.
Canadian BC marijuana is ranked above California weed based on user feedback. It is proof that Canadian marijuana is, without a doubt, the best cannabis kind you’ll find anywhere. With the upcoming legalization of marijuana, BC marijuana can be enjoyed to the maximum!



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