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Cannabis for libido

Marijuana can fix more than one thing. Any issue that you can think of, there is a high chance some sort of marijuana can treat it. If you’re worried about your or your partner’s lack of sexual desires, give these cannabis strains a try!

Kali Dog

More often than not, the lack of sexual desire comes from lack of confidence. If you’re worried about your performance, Kali Dog is the strain you need. It will boost your self-confidence and make you do things even you didn’t know you were capable of!

Sour Diesel

It is all about the feeling after all. Some days a touch of a hand can make you feel more than thorough techniques on another day. Sour Diesel is sativa cannabis. It enhances the sense of touch to make the user feel more than usual. Consuming this strain will allow wild energy to take over your body. 

Asian fantasy

This sativa cannabis is not the most common type. It is a rare type that you’ll have to do some research to find. However, the results will be totally worth the hassle! It is flavored like apple and cheese. The fun thing about this strain is that it will fill you up with energy but at the same time, you will more calm than ever. This sensation will boost your libido.

Purple Princess

Purple princess is hybrid cannabis. It is berry flavored cannabis. Some people have a hard time consuming it in big chunks. But, you can always break them down and take it in little by little. Purple princess will make you feel high while boosting your creative side.

Chocolate Chunk

This indica cannabis is a tasty treat. Coffee and nutty flavors make it very delicious to consume. Soon after its consumption, you’ll feel like all your stress disappeared. It gives a wave of energy before it makes you fall asleep. It is the perfect choice for a cuddly night. 

Blue Cheese

A cross between Blueberry and UK Cheese, this indica cannabis is for people who like adventures. Experiment around and let your wild side loose after you ingest Blue Cheese marijuana. It has pain relieving properties which are why daring souls can freely do whatever they want, however they want, after a little dose of Blue Cheese.

 Shining Silver Haze

This is another option for the insecure people out there who lose their desire because of their doubts. This sativa strain is very strong. It quickly affects the user who feels euphoric immediately after the ingestion. By using Shining Silver Haze, you will forget your flaws and feel more confident than you ever have! 


Yumboldt is an indica potent strain. It will put your hormones on fire. It isn’t very easy to find in the marijuana market. However, this rare find will give you an experience of a lifetime. Yumboldt gives the best of both worlds; energetic high as well as relaxed sleep. 

Use any of these cannabis strains to help your issue regarding libido!