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The parts of a cannabis plant

If you’re interested in growing cannabis, you must be aware of the anatomy of the plant or else, the journey won’t be easy for you. Here a few basics of the parts of the cannabis plant that will definitely broaden your knowledge. 

Male vs. Female plant

The first thing that is out of the ordinary for a cannabis plant is that the male and female are different plants, unlike a regular plant that has both, male and female, parts within one plant. A female cannabis plant produces buds before its flowers bloom. These are called colas. White, hair-like structures emerging from the leaf node are the colas that are a sign of a female plant. On the other hand, male plants do not produce buds before flowering. Pollen packed anthers and a cluster of grapes are the major signs of a male cannabis plant. Also, male plants flower a couple of weeks before the female plants. 


Coming to the structure of the plant, roots are the first organs to appear, even if it is just under the ground. Cannabis plants have one tap roots that develop secondary roots later on in the cycle. 


The main stem keeps the plant upright. It starts from the stem and extends to the height of the plant. There is only one main stem with secondary growth from the leaf nodes.

Fan leaves

Cannabis plants have two sorts of leaves, the fan leaves are ones you shouldn’t prune. These are the ultimate grounds for photosynthesis. Fan leaves help distinguish between sativa and indica marijuana. 


Calyxes are shaped like a teardrop. In the form of a cluster, they make the bud on a cannabis plant. The calyx acts as an ovary in case the pistil gets pollinated. 


The hair-like things on the nuggs of the cannabis plant are called pistil. If the pistil appears from the leaf node before the plant has flowered, it indicates that the plant in discussion is a female. Pistils usually grow out from the calyx. Their main purpose is to catch pollen so that the plant can fertilize. 


Since this feature of fertilization isn’t needed in a male plant, there are no pistils. Instead, a male plant contains stamen. These are bags full of pollen ready to be dispatched for fertilization. If a male plant is displaying its stamen, it means the pollen must be transferred immediately or else, the plant would be stressed. If the cannabis plants in your garden are showing their stamen, you can help by popping these sacs. 


Trichomes are basically the most precious part of a cannabis plant. This is where all the cannabinoid is made. They are a sticky substance in the form a capped mushroom that starts off in a clear color but eventually turns white. You’ll find your cannabis plant covered in trichomes for maximum cannabinoid production as well as for protection against attackers.