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The Legalization Of Marijuana In Canada


If there has been one debate topic that stirred the maximum amount of controversy as well as research all around the world, it has to be whether or not marijuana should be legalized. In Canada, the debate has been won in favor of the legalization. But, it comes with a long list of justifications, rules, and requirements. For best legal weed delivery in Canada visit www.dankweeddelivery.ca

The legalization

The implementation of the legalization will take place on 17th of October, 2018. This law will completely change the motto of the Canadian government who first said, ‘don’t consume marijuana’ but are now allowing free use. Of course, legal use is only for medicinal purposes. The reason why it was thought best to implement this change is that now, people can be allowed to benefit from marijuana while putting a boundary line where it becomes harmful. The concept behind this is that Canadians can use marijuana, they’re being told to consume it. But, the difference is that now, they’re also being told that overdose or the wrong kind of usage leads to consequences. Wanna know more about weed delivery in Toronto Canada? Visit our blog to get a glimpse of how easy it is to buy.

Spreading awareness

With such a significant step on a national level, outreach and education regarding the drug are vital countrywide. The Department of Health in Canada is adamant to be highly vigilant in this regard. They have a set budget that will allow them to conduct educational events. Of course, we don’t live in an ideal world where everyone will be interested in attending a session about setting limits on the use of marijuana. Youngsters, especially, are the group of people who could be the most negatively affected. This is why the department plans for events such as concerts, music festivals, sports events, fairs, etc. so that the right audience gets the right message. We can see that with the legalization, the state is also taking the required precautionary steps to ensure minimal harm.

Other laws you should know

Although marijuana is being legalized, it is still considered illegal before October 17. Even after that, specific requirements regarding drug usage must be followed. All states have a different implementation, for example, Quebec will allow anyone aged over 18 to buy legal cannabis. In other countries, the minimum age for purchasing marijuana is 19. Other than that, only certain types of cannabis are being legalized. Not all types of cannabis plants will be available. Dried flower and some cannabis oils are the only ones that have been approved till now.

Although Canada will allow the use of marijuana, you cannot bring in the drug from other countries. Similarly, you cannot travel outside Canada with marijuana. Border patrol will make sure that this practice is prevented. This way, only the approved marijuana will be used, and the laws of countries will be respected. A tax will be imposed on the sales of cannabis. The expected rate is 10% which is much lower than the 50% to 80% imposed on alcohol.

Legalization of marijuana opens a whole new market. Just make sure you stay within the set laws to stay safe.


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