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Cannabis is not the name of one type of plant. There are various types of strains and so, there are various consumption methods. Read on to find which method works for which type of marijuana and what are its pros and cons.


The most common method to consume marijuana is smoking. The tools that aid this process include joint, bong, and pipe. Smoking allows the cannabinoids to enter your system rather quickly and so, the effects of the drug are quickly experienced. It is the best method for raw cannabis flowers. You can control the amounts easily. However, the issue is that since the process involves burning, you will also be inhaling the carcinogenic compounds from the burning fluid or paper. If you consider your immune system weak, skip smoking.


The next method is the direct ingestion of cannabis. This doesn’t necessarily have to be in any specific form. Edible cannabis can be in the form of pizza, ice-cream, chocolates or anything regular of this sort. This method exposes the cannabinoids directly to the liver of the user. Here the THC is converted into a compound that can be accepted by the body. The effect of edible cannabis is in action within 15 minutes of ingestion. You will experience the effects for at least 4 to 6 hours whereas, in case of high dosage, it may even last for 24 hours. The con, however, is that users tend to overdose very easily by this method.


Vaporizers, or vapes, are also used to consume marijuana. It is an inhalation process but without any smoke. Cannabis or its oil is used in the vape. The system heats it up to convert it into vapors, which are then inhaled by the user. The effects aren’t very long lasting through this method. However, vapes are very convenient to use. They are discreet, clean, and the healthiest method of cannabis consumption.


If eating or inhaling isn’t your preferred choice, you can drink cannabis. Cannabis tea is very easy to make. You can find a number of recipes online. The major benefit of this method is that there is no health hazard as such. Your lungs aren’t damaged by any smoke and your liver isn’t being exposed to strong compounds. However, cannabis tea yields the slowest result. It takes up to 2 hours after drinking the tea for you to feel anything. On top of that, the effects will disappear after a couple of hours only.


Using balms and creams for cannabis consumption is another unique method. This is mostly used by people who want ayurvedic results from the drug. Some people will start experiencing the therapeutic results within 5 minutes of the application while for others it could take up to 2 hours. The cannabis will keep your body calm for 12 hours. This method is highly beneficial for targeted treatments such as migraines, arthritis, etc. It is a safe method for people who have low THC tolerance. The only downside is that these balms contain artificial fragrances that may cause skin irritation.