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Researchers have noted a wonderful relationship between cannabis and anxiety. When you pick the right social anxiety weed strain, you can unravel from tightly wound panic and worry. It takes care of anxiety-related symptoms and makes you feel better. Some might feel heightened anxiety and paranoia, but it depends on how THC affects you.

1. Granddaddy Purple

Ever wished you could ease yourself into a relaxed and peaceful mindset? If so, you may want to consider buying the right strain with mail order marijuana in Canada to help relax you. It urges the body to release the built-up tension and stress from the day. Granddaddy Purple delivers a heady euphoria in conjunction with total body relaxation. Some people have bought it through online weed delivery in Ontario because the strain also helps them to sleep better.

2. Northern Lights

Renowned in the stoner world for its fast calming effects, Northern Lights focuses on keeping things mellow. This powerful Indica acts as a sedative that has 18 percent THC in it. When your anxiety keeps you from a good sleep, this strain might be able to help.

3. Purple Kush

Native to Oakland, Purple Kush hands you a euphoria that seems to keep on coming. Meanwhile, the body begins to settle down and relax. On those days where you feel anxious, but you want to get stuff accomplished without experiencing serious couch lock, you may want to puff on a joint with Purple Kush. Another one of the advantages of Purple Kush is how it’s insanely easy to grow.

In general, if you choose to go with weed delivery for social anxiety, you may want to choose an Indica plant because Indica has a tendency of relaxing the mind while Sativa tends to hyperstimulate it, which can make anxiety and paranoia worse. Can weed cure social anxiety? If you choose the right Indica strain, it almost certainly can.

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