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What Are Phoenix Tears?


Quite simply, Phoenix Tears are a potent, concentrated form of the cannabis plant.  This therapy is also known as R.S.O (Rick Simpson Oil), Cannabis Cure Oil, Run From the Cure Oil, F.E.C.O (Fully Extracted Cannabis Oil), Ronnie Smith Oil, Jamaican Hash Oil (like you used to get “back in the day”) Cannabis extract, or simply hash oil. Whatever you call it, it is strong medicine that cures most cancers and can treat many disorders/diseases in the body.


Phoenix Tears are one of the most sought-after medicinal cannabis products due to concentrated potency, lack of psychoactive high, versatility in use of cooking or the option to simply take the oil.


Phoenix Tears are known to treat severe epilepsy and other conditions involving the nervous system. Also, they are known to possess anti-cancer properties.


1ml Syringe


1g, 600mg THC per Syringe – Lab Tested

How Do I Take Phoenix Tears?


There are three ways to take Phoenix Tears, you can ingest it, vaporize it, or use it topically. But for internal diseases like Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and cancers, the internal treatment is recommended.


The way to ingest Phoenix Tears is through “tacking” in which you apply the oil to the tacky parts on your lower gums. Simply spread the oil on your index finger. Place your index finger between your bottom gum and cheek with the oil towards your gums. Then, move your finger in a circular motion or side to side until you feel the oil grab to your gums. Remove your finger and if there is any concentrate left, apply beside the next tacky spot on your gums. Repeat using the same method until all the oil is gone. If you are left with a light film on your finger, you can warm it with a hair dryer and apply it to pimples, bruises, cuts, and burns.


You can also dose Phoenix Tears directly from the syringe into empty capsules. This allows for very precise dosages for beginners, which is important for avoiding the “high” side effects. Capsuling Phoenix Tears also makes it easier to store them discreetly and take them on the road.


Start off with a small dose that’s about the size of a grain of rice.


Rick Simpson believes Phoenix Tears can treat any ailment or disease in the body, from cancer to diabetes. It can also be used as a preventative medicine.

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