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Colombian Gold x Acapulco Gold x Thai sativa x South Indian sativa


Original Haze is acclaimed worldwide to have a taste and effect in the highest class of Cannabis strains. The flavour is typically sweet and sour, while the effect is mildly psychedelic and uplifting. This strain is not for first-time users, as the “anxiety” that is can be associated with “bad trips” are often Haze-influenced experiences.
Haze’s aroma is typically characterized by a strong citrus scent accented by hints of spice and earthy sweetness. This strain may be able to help with symptoms of depression and mood swings. It’s effects are uplifting, social and extremely creative.


The illustrious Haze sativa first took root in Santa Cruz, California during the 1960s where long growing seasons accommodated her lengthy flowering cycle. Since then, Haze has become the proud parent of countless hybrids around the globe, passing on its genetics from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand and Southern India. Although Haze cultivators must wait patiently for Haze flowers to reach full maturation, few strains can match the high-energy, creative buzz provided by this staple sativa.

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Eighth 3.5g, Half Ounce 14g, Ounce 28g, Quarter 7g