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How do I place an order with Dank Weed Delivery?

Step by step guide to ordering with :

  1. Browse the products you’re interested in ordering by going to our Online Shop
  2. Click on the desired product, choose your weight and quantity then click “Add to Cart”
  3. When you are ready to Checkout, click "Cart" in the top-right corner.
  4. Confirm your products and subtotal in your order, if you have a coupon code, enter the code and click Apply Coupon.
  5. Select your shipping method “Standard” or “Priority”. Click “Proceed to Checkout” to complete your billing and shipping information.
  6. In the Checkout page when you’re satisfied with your order click “Place Order”. Note: By clicking “Place Order” you are accepting our Terms of Service.
  7. On the Order Received page, you will see your order number and instructions at the end of the page on sending an Interac E-transfer.


What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept payments through Interac E-transfers. If you bank with Canadian credit unions or regular banks, then these are easy steps to online banking. Here’s the following link to Interac E-transfer,

We provide you with instructions for an E-Transfer with your invoice. We only ship orders once the E-Transfer has been received and the order will be processed by us. If we receive your payment by 9am PST (12pm EST), your order ships that business day, or it will be shipped the next business day.

What happens after I send an Interac E-Transfer?

Once the E-Transfer is sent, it may take up to 45 minutes for us to receive an email notifying us. The order will be pending until we can collect the funds sent by E-Transfer. Once the E-Transfer is received by us, we notify you by email and send you a tracking number once the order has been shipped to you.

What happens if I did not send an Interac E-Transfer?

We keep the order on hold until the payment is received. If there’s no payment after two days, then the order is cancelled.

How do I edit or cancel my order?

To edit your order, you will need to create a brand new order and notify us by email “ [email protected] ” with your new and old order number.

To cancel your order, send an email to [email protected] with your order number you wish to cancel in the subject line e.g. Cancel Order #XXXX



Improve relaxation, calm your mind, and sleep better with a sativa strain.


Energize your body and stimulate your mind with an uplifting sativa strain.


A crossover between indica and sativa strains for the best of both worlds.

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